Tip #3 – What is the PROMISE of your book?

Some authors think they know what they would like to see on the cover of their book and for the most part, I try to give it to them, but Iwould rather include the passion, the fire, the drive, purpose and PROMISE of their book when we consider a graphic image for the book cover.

In the book below, the author knew she wanted a bright light on her cover, but she thought that was ALL that she Crawling into the Lightwanted to see, but I am all for reaching the human element, so i designed this cover after seeing a picture of her expressing joy on her facebook page.

What is the main subject of your book?
What is the main idea that you would like your readers to get acorss?
What issue will it solve?
What questions will it answer?

 What is your heart, your drive and passion that you want to share with the world?

What is promised in your book?


This second book is about PRAYER and the promises that come with submission to the Lord, through His own promises to use and what He will do in and through it, but the cover that was done by a seclar publisher does not show this. Which cover promises more about prayer to you?


Prayer Book Cover: Before & After


 This is why it’s important to have a connection with your designer, to share a synopsis of your book with him/her, to see their portfolio so that you know if you have a mutual sense of passion and how to portray your message.

Good design solves a problem, or I should say that good design answers a question. The question being:

WHY should people buy your book?


  Contact me at 909-939-0311 or at lisa@lisahainline.com if you would like a free consultation to discuss the message that you are trying to portray to the world and what i may be able to do to get that message across.

in Him

Lisa Hainline

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Tip #2 – Be Willing to let the Professional Do His Job

Another Cindarella Happy Ending : You may have a good idea what you would like to see on the cover of your Christian Book Cover and by all means, discuss this with your designer, but be open to the expertise that they bring to the table.  A good graphic designer always has ideas pouring out of them and is used to casting their line way out into the creative deep waters. They also know what your competitors have been doing, what the industry trends are, and they are worth their salt, they will bring marketing sense to the job as well.

Ask their opinion of your idea and make sure that you get all the costs for doing the job that you envisioned in the first place so that they don’t go way out on a limb and then you are stuck with more charges when the bill comes.  I have had clients bring an image to me but when we start to go over the job, I get a different vision of the message they are trying to portray to the world, and with so much of yourself that you have poured into this book, it pays to be open to new and better ideas.

Another “Before & After”.

Just like I showed you in the “Spirit Power” redesign, this book also came to me so that the author could publish her own work. The “before” cover is what the publisher supplied and the “after” is the cover that I designed for her after hearing about the power that happened at a moment in time and what the crucifixion opened the door to, a subject deserving of more drama and passion.

Christian Book Cover, Before and after, Cross and crucifixion
Christian Book Cover Before & After

Work with your designer. Share your ideas and your dreams and your visions and do not “settle” until you are happy with what is presented to you. You should be estatic over the book cover design that will represent your message to the public.  Don’t try to get the cheapest design that you can from a freelance source like elance.com or guru.com because you may get what you pay for.  There are many areas that student’s shine but the technical requirements for this type of work is changeing and the competition in the Print-on-demand books is growing by the month so you want a design that says your book is worthy of it’s purchase, worthy of one’s time to read and is a promise of the gem it holds inside.

Come see my portfolio of Christian book cover designs and our book cover design price page page explains the differences in how your image can affect the cost. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss what I can do for your manuscript.

in His Grace,
Lisa Hainline

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Tip #1 – Check Our Their Portfolio!

A Cindarella Fairy Tale:  Studies (Bowkers) have shown that you have an average if 13 seconds to capture a readers attention, so you not only need to give careful consideration for the visual impact of your book, but also to the validity of the subject that you use to portray a certain message of what one will find on the inside when they open it.

Off the top of my head I would like to share that I know that you’re considering a lot of things when trying to get your book into print and unless you’ve had a friend who published a book that you can glean advice from, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at what to do next, who to hire and who to trust.

Let me just share encouragement in staying on that steady course of seeking the Lord’s guidance and not turning to the word’s ways when entering into the worlds business transactions. If you feel the Lord inspired your message, then He is fully capable of seeing it through so seek His peace, wisdom and direction in each step and He will be faithful to open doors and bring you the talent you need (and the finances) to see this project through to fruition.

Tip #1 – Check out their Portfolio

You want to hire people who have the same passion and vision that you do in areas such as what is going on the front of your Christian book cover, and quite frankly, those who do not know the Lord or know the Lord may not have the passion for design or concept as well when it pertains to the Lord’s message.  Be sure to check out their portfolio. Just because a company has published numerous books does not make them an expert on how to handle ALL books.

Below is a book cover that a client came to me with that a major publisher was about to publish but  she wanted to publish herself. No, she didn’t ask me to redesign it, just to make an original that took the same elements as the publisher pulled together but in truth, she did not anticipate that it could be made better.

No, I didn’t do anything to it other than to take the back cover off with the publishers logo to “protect the guilty”.  I’m not one to bash another’s work but I think it’s safe to say that this cover is dull, boring, lifeless and not worth the money she paid to have it done. She needed a powerful picture to go with the subject matter and so I pulled the same elements together but in a little different way:

(See Tip #2 for another “Before & After”)

 It may be a matter of opinion, taste or style but still check out the work of anyone that you choose to hire, whether it’s a graphic designer, editor or publisher…and then ask the Lord what to do next.

I hope to address many issues and concerns on the image for your cover so please subscribe to this list if you would like to learn more about what you should consider when hiring a designer to do your Christian book cover design. If you have a specific need now and would like to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your manuscript and the vision you have for your cover, please feel free to contact me.

In His grace,

Lisa Hainline

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