Are BOOK TRAILERS worth the money?

There is much debate on why or if it’s wise to get a book trailer made on a specific book and my number first response on anything is always; “pray on it”. Ask Daddy. Who knows the future besides Him? My second response is; “if you can afford it”.

Misty Taggert at Trailer to the Stars is one of the best book and speaker trailer producers that I’ve come across, and having many years of experience in TV & Motion Pictures has given Misty a sensativity to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing a project.  Read what Misty has to say about them and how you can use them to best market your manuscript to get the most success out of all that you’ve put into it.

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Below are two videos that Misty did for Lionsgate clients.

The Care and Feeding of a Book Video

by Misty Taggart, Exec. Producer

First of all, where are most of your potential readers hanging out these days? That’s right, the Internet. Are you taking full advantage of the power that is literally at your finger tips … mostly for free? Are you giving your book every opportunity to be successful?

Video trailers are fast becoming an essential aspect of book promotion for the same reasons that video is becoming an essential aspect of business promotion in general. Book Video Trailers are promotional tool in today’s marketplace. If you don’t already have one as a part of your marketing plan … it’s time to get serious about it.

Think about the last time you went to the movies. Before the feature started they ran movie trailers. Those trailers either made you say ‘Don’t want to see that movie’ or ‘I have to see that movie.’ If you had not seen the trailer, you might have never even thought about going to see it. A book video trailer does the same thing in one to two and a half minutes … it brings to life your written word. Done well, a video trailer of your book will create lots of Internet buzz …. , pre-sales, and sales.

Sure, you can go right ahead and market your book without a trailer and simply hope your reader is grabbed by the cover art or perhaps scans the back of your book for details, but that does not have the impact of a video trailer. Your mission is to sell yourself and your books

It’s not as easy as it looks. But, if you want the newest and most effective way to promote and sell your book, that answer is simple … and tested. You need a professional Video Trailer. Yes, they do work for fiction and non-fiction. Samples of all genres are available for viewing at  or on our YouTube site:

Using Book Trailers to Market Your Book:

Your video trailer can be used in many ways here are a few suggestions:

Book Signings – loop it on a CD and play it at the book store. It will get lots of attention and bring people to your signing table with book in hand.

Blog Tours – either you or your PR person will be setting up blogs to interview you or to review your book. Your trailer should be shown on each and every one of them, with the offer to anyone to grab the ’embed code’ … and place it on their website or blog.

Website Promotion: Of course, place it front and center on your own website and/or blog, with a BUY BUTTON only a couple of pixels away.

Media Kits: Put a CD in your author publicity kit.

Social Networks: Be sure you are signed up for as many of the social networking sites that suit your market as you can find. (Goodreads, FaceBook, YouTube, Shoutlife!, Tangle, MyPage,, and many, many others. Upload your video to all of them. Many sites simply need your YouTube ’embed code.’ Be sure you have opened a YouTube account.

Book store sites: Amazon (Create an Amazon Author Connect Account) Check with other book store sites that are carrying your title and send their marketing person a copy of your Video.

Speaking Engagements: Have it shown prior to a speaking engagement. Make sure that it is playing on your book tables.

Handouts: Burn lots and lots of CDs and DVDs … they are not expensive. Give them out to everyone you meet; at work, church, parties and don’t forget local businesses. Just take a few around and ask if they will set them by the checkout and offer them FREE! Don’t miss a chance to get it into the hands of potential readers.

DON’T FORGET YOUR PUBLISHER! They will be thrilled that you have a video. Not only will they want to put it on their website, but they will also give copies to their sales staff. It causes excitement and gets your book on the store shelves.

Book store sites: Amazon (Create an Amazon Author Connect Account) Check with other book store sites that are carrying your title and send their marketing person a copy of your Video.

For more information on how you can get a dynamic book trailer for your book, Contact Misty Taggart at 602-402-6328
The Care and Feeding of a Book Video by Misty Taggart
©2010 Misty Taggart, Trailer to the Stars!


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