Book Cover Re-Design; Identify With Your Audience.

How does a Christian book cover depict a dream…the desire, longing, hope for a child?

That was my artistic challenge after Lorilyn Roberts asked me to redesign the book cover for “Children of Dreams.” First published in 2009, it is the true story of how God restored and fulfilled Lorilyn’s dream of having children even after her husband abandoned her for his pregnant girlfriend.

My first step was to think of the readers. What kind of image would they identify with?

I know from experience that readers want to identify with “real life people” — not abstract concepts. But, sometimes, an image can be too real. For instance, showing a mother and two daughters sitting on the grass (see original cover below), limits the readers’ own dreams.

The original book cover does not create the sense of wanting something beyond their own abilities to fulfill.

Second, I needed to know where the readers are in their dream quest. I discovered that Lorilyn is writing to would-be parents who are still pursuing their dream. So, seeing a mother with two children doesn’t help the reader identify with the mother. It actually estranges them because they do not yet have even one child, let alone two.

So, I decided to focus the book cover redesign on where the reader is at now on their dream quest, as they pick up the book to find answers and encouragement.

I thought of how many have walked a seashore and gazed into the horizon with melancholy, hope-filled thoughts of what we they would love to be (a parent) or do (raise a child).

I walked the shore in my mind, as I knew countless readers have who are thinking of and praying for a child through adoption or otherwise.

The hope for that dream to be realized seems as endless as the sea–and yet, they look far ahead for any sign that their dream will become reality.

It’s not necessary to see the face of the dreamer (as in the original cover). It’s only necessary for the reader to know that there are dreamers—they are not alone.

I pray that hopeful parents will read “Children of Dreams” so that it will encourage them to keep pursuing their dreams, no matter how vast and awesome those dreams are.

Below is the before and after …

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