UNUSUAL Author Website Design tip!

I had done several website layouts and banner designs for a client a while back and so when Cheryl White asked me if the banner would work on a new site that she made herself, I was anxious to see what kind of site she built.

I usually cringe when I think of such things because I’ve seen so many bad layouts, ineffective website designs and just poor marketing even coming out of website designers, having still  a hard enough time finding website-building professionals to carry out my OWN designs that I create for clients, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Cheryl’s site.


I don’t like to turn down business but I told Cheryl that having a complicated banner on top would junk up this site, that is clean and bright, as the bookmarks that I had designed for her made great “banner ads” alongside her book offering, doing the work of making her pitch without cluttering up the site.

Using bookmarks to sell your book online.

Cheryl used WIX.com to build her site and I know that hostbaby.com also provides authors with easy “author templates” to help anyone who is not afraid of learning something new, an opportunity to save money and do it yourself.

I don’t know that I would do every author website this way but it works for Cheryl.  If you find that you may need help building your website or just need a few website graphics or elements to put into your home-made site, please come write me at lisa@lisahainline.com  or see any of our promotional items at: http://www.lionsgatebookdesign.com/Christian-book-promotion-marketing-.html

Lisa Hainline

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