Consider DEMOGRAPHICS (your reader) in your Book Cover Design.

When a recent client first came to me, it was only for a critique of the cover that she herself had designed. She had been doing her own covers all along but heard that I had helped another author with HER cover which caused such a boost in sales that she couldn’t go wrong at least hearing a free critique.

After she heard my suggestions, she realized that she DID need a re-design of her cover to capture the audience it was intended to interest and encourage. Below is the “Before & After” story.

Barbara ministers to bikers (you can see her other books on amazon) and this was a devotional that she planned to hand out at these large bike rally’s her and her husband went to. She said that when she goes, they have not even turned their engine off before several people have approached them to get her newest book or devotional, so she was already being recognized for her writing but in the hopes of growing the ministry, she admitted that a more professional look would certainly be a benifit.

The “Demographic” is a broad range in age, not gender specific but mostly Harley lovers, and even if women are in that group, they have no problem with leather and dark images, as they usually don’t wear frilly pint outfits, heals or such to these events.

I went in for more of an IMPRESSION of a Harley as the bike is not what this is really about and could be taken for a “bike book”, (instructional in nature). The Bell was significant but the tiny bell she had at the bottom of the bike is so trivial and we really don’t need to SEE it there since most bikers know what it signifies.

The FONT is dated and tries too hard to be “designy” so I went with more of a rugged, contemporary style that works well with the leather background. If this was more of a non-fiction book, like a self-help book, we may have gone more classic and readable but with a devotional book, it’s close to poetry and creative enough to get away with a creative touch.

The COLOR was not working for ANYONE as orange has it’s place but this was not it. We wanted a cover that a husky and hardened biker would not be ashamed to pick up. What do YOU think of the results:

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