Book Cover Re-Design- “Family or Pro”?

This was sweet and so sensitive a topic as this Christian author came to me with a cover that her son done the illustration for. While he did a great job for a 16 year old, it still has an amateur look to the book cover and had not been making any sales. She at first thought that maybe we could pick up on some of the elements or pieces of her sons’ illustration and while that would have been sweet and honoring to him, it but the art still didn’t look fresh and intriguing to the age group she was trying to attract that was used to beautiful fantasy illustrations.

The author and I had many rounds of layouts to get the right look as she had certain elements in her story that she wanted seen: Fairies (without wings or pointy ears), a comet type event, dragonfly lanterns, acorns, and much more but we ended up nixing many layouts that just got too “busy” with elements  as I tried to get her to go SIMPLE.

I’ll share some of our “busy” rounds below to give you an idea of our thought process and then the final “Before & After”. Congratulations to her as a large distribution house told her yesterday that it was one of the best covers they had seen in a long time! May the Lord open doors to many sales.

Some layouts from our busy round:


and our final BEFORE & AFTER:

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Lisa Hainline

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