Who are you climbing into bed with when you sign that publishing contract?!

In discussing a cover image with a potential client today who was concerned about the publisher he “may be in bondage to”, it struck me how serious it is when we handle Godly things with unbelievers.
James 4:4 says “James 4:4 You adulterous people,[a] don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.”

While choosing a publisher for your book may not be the same thing as being a “friend to the world”, and you may put it into the category of “just business”, I  question the seriousness of what can happen when entering into a legal arrangement with a secular company (and in some cases; a company that publishes books focused on Godless values or even demonic activity) over a publication that YOU believe is led by the true Author & Finisher of your work: Father God

Some other concerns as a Christian (aside from what is mentioned in these articles) has to be
1) if you have any control over how your book is portrayed. most publishers give you a tiny bit of influence here. (again, is this the Lord’s message or not?!) SO what happens when the publisher has a different idea of your message other than the one that the Lord gave you when you were inspired and given His passion and heart for your book?
2) WHO is your demographic aside from what the publisher thinks you should market to?
3) What are all those extra charges like marketing, advertising, broadcast, etc…i would find out exactly WHAT these are and if they have statistics on their value to YOUR market. Too many publishers charge to cast a net in waters where your demographic do not reside.
4) Who owns the rights? have you sold your soul to the devil in letting go of a book that the Lord gave you into the hands of others who have NOT prayed about it in the least.

5) Are you STILL LISTENING to the Master Designer, Master Economist, Master Designer, Master Marketer in this endeavor?

The articles below are great articles to guide you into negotiating your book contract but you really need to ask the BOSS on all that you do, for He has appointed those who would be ministered to it and is also in charge of your income which pays your bills…or is He not?
What not to miss when negotiating your contract

Negotiating your contract – 20 MUST topics to talk about.

And when all of this becomes overwhelming and you decide to self publish and let the Lord lead all design, marketing and publishing decisions, please come take a look at our work at Lionsgate Book Design. We are prayerful in all we do and will give you as much information as you need to take to the Lord in prayer as well.

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