Tip #4 – Know the Visual Message You are Called to Give.

You’ve spent so much time, blood sweat and probably tears over this message that you believe you’ve been inspired and commissioned to give, and you have to be as equally prayerful about it’s presence to the world.

     Unfortunately people DO judge a book by it’s cover, especially when the average customer takes roughly 13 seconds to view it from front to back, to decide upon the purchase. if we’re all honest with ourselves, we can scan a lot of books at the same time on Amazon and some catch our eye and promise depth while some looked dated, boring, trite or holding little promise inside.

     This is an interesting “Cinderella Story”, with a happy ending after the author was pushed down the line into a garish, baudy, unreadable and inappropriate cover.

   Without totally humiliating the designer, let your first impression lead you as far as style goes but it doesn’t take artistic taste to say that the back cover copy is hard to read at best.  The image that the Designer put the Author into is also not honoring to ANY woman, let alone an author who has a heart to minister to the heart of a parent. One expects this to be a brassy romance novel not all of us would want to read.

"Before" - 101 Home-Training Cover
Below is the revised layout that I did for Mrs. Keys.  I searched her photos for one more appropriate, asked about family and the image she wanted to portray. I also toned down the colors and background so that it didn’t fight with the main focus of this series, which in this case, is the family.  Being a part of a series, i had to decide which elements would stay from book to book and how it would look on a shelf.

we also had to examine WHO would be buying this book, and in this case, any parent who cared about their children would hopefuly find it benificial.

If you do not know who you, what image your message is to present to the world, the tone and even how to present yourself, you cannot direct a designer to do well by you.  If you have a “check in your spirit” at any time, ask the Lord to move through His Holy Spirit and guide you into what to do. Stop the job where it is and get opinions from your friends, family, pastor, and anyone else whose opinion you respect.

Please contact me should you like to get ideas for your book or any aspect of design or publishing it.

Lisa Hainline



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